I  N  F  O

RJHTATTOO is a nomadic tattoo artist working on the road. 

Aiming to create a unique piece of artwork for each client, Rich works closley with the flow of the body to design a tattoo that fits the individual.

Having tattooed for 10 years Rich has described his work as,

A never ending process of self evolution & self inquiry. Following the flow of travelling and inspiations of life, to then translate that into artwork & tattooing. 

Whilst travelling Rich spends alot of time in Indigenous cultures and remote reigons of the world.  Mentioning that his experiences there reflect in his work, having picked up on the collective of the people around him. 

The human experience, ancient cultures and contemporary tattooing have had a big influence of his work. 

Although having a very uninque style Rich is also open to clients creativity when making tattoos.


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